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Closed Joint-Stock Company EСODOR Group public corporation (OJSC) ABZ-1 European Mastic Asphalt Association

• contractors • Road construction and repairs using bituminous concrete cast (including in winter) • Excavation for landscaping • Integrated Area and landscaping • Asphalting (laying asphalt cast).

OJSC ABZ-1 is the European association of manufacturers of cast bituminous concrete (European Mastic Asphalt Association)-is a leader in the production of high quality bituminous concrete in the North-West region. We offer you all kinds of work with bituminous concrete: the device tracks (for the bridge construction, sliding parts), device floor, parking lots, foundations, roofs of various types of stores. Being the largest producers of bituminous concrete in the region, offer the most Best Prices and quality for all types of JSC "EСODOR." The total production capacity asphalt concrete plant is more than 12 tons of asphalt a day. Issuance of asphalt has increased over the past three years, nearly 2.5 times to 1.01 million tons. Today, ABZ-1 has two large road construction companies, a major trucking company, the company conducting the railway carriage, its own gravel pit production of gabbro-rock in the Republic of Karelia. Projects: Vantovy bridge (a device waterproofing, laying asphalt, sidewalks, paving complex geometric parts of the bridge), parts of the ring-road, Bridge Troickij, Volodarsky bridge, etc.; streets and highways and city areas; Area; device floor, operated roof; engineering Networks of St. Petersburg and LO. The company is able to carry out major projects on their own, have all the necessary machinery and equipment, their vehicles. Park Vertical mastic asphalt mixers allowed to deliver to the place of laying up to 200 tons of molten A / B mixture at once, per day can be done until 5000 m2 ready A / B thickness of 4 cm use Mastic asphalt finishers, pavers and side stripe finisher. The high quality of our work and guarantee the implementation deadlines are all aware our customers in St. Petersburg and region. All projects have a thanksgiving reviews. Produce A UNIQUE RECIPE Asphalt mixture for each object to the specific use. Construction work 1.Functions of general contractor 2.Road construction 3.Engineering 4.Accomplishment of territory.

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Country: RUSSIA
City: Saint-Petersburg
Phone: +7 (812) 542-35-00, 542-75-22
Fax: +7 (812) 542-81-11
E-mail: ecodorspb@mail.ru
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